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Quite often the difference between a plain room and a stunning room is simply the way it is decorated. If your aim is to instil the 'Wow!' factor into a room at minimal cost, this can often be achieved using 'Plaster Relief Decoration' on your walls and ceiling for little more than the cost of a good roll of wallpaper.
Bonds holds a huge range of 'Plaster Relief Decorations' in stock, all manufactured to exceptionally high standards, with sharp crisp finishes and attention to detail at very competetive prices.
Sections In Decorations
Cherub Plaster Reliefs in various sizes.
Room enrichment plaster reliefs.
Floral Plaster Relief for wall and ceiling.
Over Mantel, Door and Window
Overmantle door and window decoration
Plaques and Tiles
Plaster wall and ceiling plaques and tiles.
Roses and Bosses
Decorative plaster roses and bosses.
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